Getting started

To make implementation as smooth as possible, we have created a set framework for the process. Firstly, we ensure contact has been established between the relevant people on both sides. Then we agree on how to proceed with installation and training. Afterwards, we are ready to receive calls and provide support if you have any questions or difficulties. We basically guide you all the way, from establishment to daily operations and subsequent support.

Quick and easy implementation

D4InfoNet is browser-based software. This means that we can implement our web applications on your server quickly and easily. This saves you time-consuming installations on employee PCs, and user segmentation, AD synchronisation and digital access management make it simple to manage and define access. We train a number of your employees during start-up, who become super users and can teach other employees how to use the system.

Three steps and you are up and running


Once the agreement is in place, one of our technicians installs D4InfoNet on your server or on a hosted solution.


Employees are trained how to use D4InfoNet. This training is held at your premises and can run over several days. Training during the start-up phase is included in the agreement. We recommend a maximum of eight people at a time.


You are now ready to build your D4InfoNet.

Design customisation

D4InfoNet has a simple, user-friendly design out of the box. If you need an individual design solution, we customise the user interface so it matches your visual style in terms of logo, colour and font. D4InfoNet can also be visually integrated with a website, intranet or other software.

Seamless integration

With its flexible database structure, D4InfoNet can be easily integrated with other systems in your IT platform, such as financial management systems, ERP systems, databases and Microsoft SharePoint solutions. You can import and export data in both directions.

Implementering af D4

D4 helped us all the way

Building up your D4InfoNet can be a project of varying scope – in terms of time and workload. We advise you on start-up and implementation, so you have the best conditions for getting up and running. We are also available to help you throughout the process.

NNE is a consulting engineering company within the Pharma industry, with around 1800 employees. They implemented D4InfoNet in just three months, with help from D4. Hear their Global Quality Director, Henrik Feldthusen, talk about their implementation process and general use of our D4InfoNet system.

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