Get the total picture, down to the smallest detail

It can be a challenge to manage all the details while not losing sight of the big picture. D4Flow makes this work significantly easier.

Total flexibility

D4Flow is a web application that makes it easy to build interactive, user-friendly flowcharts. It provides a visual overview of business processes, workflows, value chains, etc. D4Flow supports applications such as D4GenericForms and D4Handbooks, so you can create visual approaches to forms and get an overview of all activities in a workflow. You can also dig down into each step from here, for fast access to various procedures. In other words, it offers a visual shortcut to key data.

The way flow charts are structured is totally flexible, and the application encourages you to be creative and play with visual presentations. D4Flow serves as a drawing board on which you can freely build and design. You can use various animations and videos, and PNG, GIF and JPEG files. The user-friendly tools and the panel of figure options make it easy to position and edit elements. You can also create links between flowcharts and external data.

Good reasons for choosing D4Flow

  • Visual overview of workflows, processes etc.
  • Shortcuts to data in D4InfoNet
  • Easy to work with
  • Can also be used to design internal sites and links to external sites

Think outside the box

Although D4Flow was developed as a drawing program that can create interactive flowcharts, it has far greater potential. D4Flow can be used to design the user interfaces your company uses, giving them an individual touch. D4Flow can also be used to develop and design intranet solutions.

What our customers say about D4Flow

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