Digitise your paper forms

D4GenericForms is a web application that helps convert old-fashioned paper forms into digital forms. This not only makes the work easier and more efficient, it gives you a great overview and control over processes. D4GenericForms is ideal for organisations and companies that want complete control of their processes.

Get overview and control

For many companies, it can be a major challenge to ensure quality and efficiency in their numerous processes. It requires extensive coordination and control. D4GenericForms offers a world of forms to collect, store and systematise data down to the smallest detail. This means that you can follow and document all the steps in a work process, while also automating notifications, so that everyone receives the right reminders. The great transparency minimises the risk of mistakes and maximises resource utilisation.

If you add D4KeyFigures to the package, you can set KPIs for the forms. This is handy if you want easy access to key figures, for example showing how many registrations are awaiting processing. Or how many registrations have been evaluated, approved or closed.

Good reasons for choosing D4GenericForms

GenericForms is ideal for companies and organisations that need to have an overview and documentation for a wide range of processes. You get:

  • Access and responsibility management in relation to form content and functions
  • The ability to assign tasks and rights for each form step
  • A notification function that can be integrated with your email system
  • Statistics on collected form data
  • Data validation
  • Full traceability and history on all form activities
  • Facilities for data exchange and interaction with financial management systems, production systems and customer databases, etc.

Standard forms

To help you get started, we have developed a number of standard forms. The forms can be used as they are, or customised to your specific needs.

By registering nonconformities you can electronically manage the process, in terms of unintended incidents, nonconformity reports, corrective actions, complaints, follow-up on improvement initiatives and suggestions, etc.

Risk Analysis allows you to electronically manage risk analyses and related risk factors, and to prepare action plans for these. This means you can always make decisions based on valid data, and document that you have handled the various risks.

Service & Equipment offers electronic management of everything related to your equipment, such as managing service intervals and receiving reminders about them. You can link user manuals, warranty certificates, service reports, etc. for each item of equipment, so you have everything in one place.

Project Management offers electronic project management from start to finish. It provides an overview for all involved and makes it easy to guide projects safely to completion. You can register activities, assign tasks, set time limits, do follow up, manage sub-projects, etc. and document the process.

Audit offers electronic management of procedure auditing. Audit gives you all the tools you need to facilitate an audit plan. From audit notices to division of responsibilities, handling observations, tracking faults and documentation. This ensures an efficient, secure and well documented auditing process.

Year Planner offers electronic management of every aspect of all the year’s activities. From setting up and fine tuning activities to issuing invitations, automatic reminders and final evaluation. Provides an easy overview for everyone.

All the forms you need

D4GenericForms has a flexible structure. You can create all the forms a company could need. And we mean all! From checklists and nonconformity reports to managing internal approval processes and service and calibration for company equipment. It is easy to build new forms as the need arises. We equip you to build the forms you want.

Offline intranet

Offline version

D4GenericForms is firstly an online product, but can be upgraded for offline use. Do you wish to hear more about that option, then contact us by phone +45 4590 3150 or use the contact form below.

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