Open up your competence gallery

Companies have many human resources available through their employees. The challenge is that there is not always a complete overview of these resources. The D4HR tool makes these resources visible and available to management and HR staff, so they can better exploit them in the business. For example, to support key HR activities such as operational planning, employee development and human resource management.

A complete overview

Each employee possesses a number of competences which are beneficial to your business. D4HR allows you to gather and systematise all your employee information. You can register whatever data you want, creating a customised digital employee catalogue. D4HR also has integrated functions that make it easy to manage, combine and maintain your resources. You not only get a complete overview of the various competences, but also of the competency levels and constellations.

Good reasons for choosing D4HR

  • Allows you to systematise your employee data
  • Identify and manage competences across functions and departments
  • Support tool for key HR activities
  • Create your own customised employee catalogue

Systemise your HR activities

A customised employee catalogue provides a great foundation for optimising your internal resources. D4HR not only improves your management of employee information, you can also control which data is available to whom. You can register and map competences, and use D4HR as a digital support tool for employee appraisal interviews. D4HR also offers many features for managing privileges. This means users can maintain their own personal data, or a manager can see and maintain selected information about their employees. You can also delegate the work to local HR administrators, making them responsible for all employees in a given department or country, etc.

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