The easy way to visual data

Growth or decline? Increasing or decreasing value? D4KeyFigures gives you quick access to reliable and representative key figures, so you can easily evaluate business areas and workflows based on facts.

Quick and easy access

D4KeyFigures collects and systematises your quantitative data from other applications in D4InfoNet, such as D4GenericForms, and allows you to link external systems. This data is converted to KPIs, which are graphically processed and presented in a clear manner. The result is quick access to KPIs which can be used to evaluate key activities or focus areas. User access can also be segmented, so you have complete control over which KPIs can be accessed by whom.

Good reasons for choosing D4KeyFigures

  • Quick, easy access to the company’s KPIs
  • Data from D4GenericForms is always up-to-date, so you avoid having to wait for file transfers
  • Allows you to systematise all your KPIs
  • Options for processing KPIs graphically, so they can be presented clearly
  • Access control through segmented user access

Present how you want

D4KeyFigures offers a wide range of visualisation options. You decide whether tables, bar charts or graphs offer the best overview of the selected KPIs. You can click on any area of the graph in the presented KPIs to view the data behind the figures. From here you can open a specific registration, so you can easily analyse your data.

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