The easy way to share news and knowledge

Is your internal communication spread across different channels? Are your inboxes frequently overflowing with internal knowledge sharing? D4News is a platform that allows you to pool all internal information and make it easily accessible.

Optimise your internal communication

Internal communication is a daily necessity in companies – among employees, and when management has to inform about important decisions or publicise news of various kinds. D4News supports and optimises internal communication. The web application is an ideal platform for interaction between employees, and can be used to discuss any topic of interest.

Good reasons for choosing D4News

  • Active dialogue is promoted via the comments function
  • Statistics for posts
  • Posts can be set to expire
  • Posts can be user segmented
  • Internal and external links possible

Always targeted, discussion-focused and dynamic

D4News offers a platform which encourages active dialogue. You can make posts that are visible to the entire company, or establish separate communication forums that can only be accessed by certain target groups. You can set expiry dates for posts, so you can manage how long they remain visible on employees’ screens. You can also create links to internal and external pages. Finally, news offers a statistical overview of the number of views for current and past posts.

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