Are you ready for D4InfoNet?

There are six minimum technical requirements that must be met in order to install D4InfoNet on your organisation’s server. If these requirements are met, you can quickly get started with D4InfoNet. We are very happy to help get the technical details in place before the installation. If you are unable to have the system installed in your own server, we can offer a hosted solution. Contact us for more information.

The six technical requirements:

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (or newer)

Evt. MS SQL 2008 Express advanced services (or never)

MS Webserver – IIS (2008 R2 or newer. Version is not important)

.Net framework 3.5

Mail server/relay which can receive SMTP emails from the website


60 GB hard disk space recommended (including SQL)

At least 2 GB RAM on SQL server

At least 2 GB RAM on IIS server

Browser on clients: HTML5/SVG compatible browser

.Net framework 3.5

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